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Amortization table to calculate cost basis of a bond
bought at a premium or discount
using constant-yield method

Name of issuer or CUSIP number (optional):
Choose landscape for best results
Original purchase cost (exclude accrued interest but include commissions & fees): $ for example, 24976.50 (no commas)  
Par value: $ for example, 25000.00 (no commas)  
Settlement date: Caution: don't use trade date.
Issue date of bond: Also called "dated date."
Date of next coupon: Required! Next scheduled coupon date after settlement date. Same as due date for zero coupon bonds.
Interest payment frequency: This determines amortization intervals. Set this to annual for zero coupon bonds.  
Interest coupon payment date type: For example, regular semi-annual payment dates for a first coupon date of Feb 1 would be Feb 1 and Aug 1. Anything else would be odd payment dates.  
Coupon rate of interest: % for example, 5.125 per year  
Due date or call date: date that corresponds to YTM or YTC  
Yield to Maturity (YTM) or Call (YTC): % for example 5.322451234  
Call Price: for example 102.00  
Amortization type  
Bond type  

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