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Enter your data separately for each tax lot (i.e. purchase date):
1. Name of donee (gift recipient)
2. Name of donor (the person who gave you the gift)
3. Name of stock
4. Date of original acquisition by donor (tax lot)
5. Date of gift
6. Number of shares of stock received as a gift (no commas)
7. Donor's cost basis per share immediately prior to the gift, including commissions & fees, adjusted for previous spinoffs, splits, etc $ (no commas)
8. Market value per share on date of gift (average of high and low) $ (no commas)
9. Total amount of gift tax, if any, paid by the donor on Form 709 for this gift $ (no commas)
10. Net amount of gift declared by the donor on Form 709 after exclusions and deductions if gift was made after 1976 and gift tax was paid $ (no commas)
11. Do you still own the shares in this tax lot?  
12. Sale price of stock (per share) if sold $ (no commas)
13. Date of sale